Start Your Own Online Pokies Experience


Pokies is a great game that lets you experience an amazing gambling experience. The very first of the online pokies came to existence back in the nineties, but the landmark year was 2004, when MicroGaming released its game called Thunderstruck. Now, there are hundreds of pokies games online, and all of them owe their existence to this 2004 game.

avalonslotEven though there are so many online casinos today, or exactly because there are so many casinos today, you need to be careful about picking the one where you’re going to play. Even though this game is based solely on luck, luck has nothing to do with picking the right online casino for you to play this game in. So, you need to know that you are playing on the pokies machines that suit your budget as well as your interests. Then, you also need to make sure that you are playing in a safe casino, in order not to lose your money. You can find out more about these things in every single online casino by searching for reviews of these places. There, you can see the comments, and based on those, as well as the reviews, you should choose which online casino is going to be the place you’ll play your pokies. Also, you will need to see which casinos offer the best bonuses, and which ones of them ask you for the lowest fees. You need a casino that gives pay outs rather quickly, and the one gives substantial bonuses.


You should also know that there are different kinds on online pokies, they are not all the same. This is why this game is so popular; well, this and the fact that you get some bonuses up front. You can usually find 3 Reel Pokies, as well as 5 Reel Pokies. The 3 Reel Pokies are popular because of the fact that they only have 3 reels, and it is easier to get a jackpot. However, the payout is usually not that big. On the other hand, in 5 Reel online Pokies, you have 5 reels, and getting a jackpot is not that easy. However, when you do get it, the payout is enormous. Everything has a good side and a bad side, and you just have to figure out what it is that suits you the best.

Thunderstruck-2-slot-gsOf course, there are also some tips that you should follow, if you wish to be great at pokies. First of all, you need to know all the rules, in order to be the best at this game. Also, you need to know who runs the online casino you’re playing in. That way, you’ll know who’s got your money in their hands. Also, you need to figure out if the casino has a license, because if it doesn’t, don’t play there. Look for a casino that offers non-stop online support. That way, you can always find a way out if you’re in a pickle. And finally, always look at the fine print, before you sign anything. That way, you can never get swindled!